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A pre-sale survey is the same as a Condition Survey but carried out for the seller. It will usually be undertaken as if it was being carried out for a prospective purchaser, because, in this way, you get to see your property from a buyer’s point of view. It is a thorough and comprehensive report in a concise format and will identify matters which are considered to be significant or urgent i.e. ones which could reasonably be expected in negotiations over price to be reflected in the price finally agreed.


A Government survey has shown that around 1 in every 4 sales (actually 28%) fall through and, of those, a massive 43% are due to problems coming to light in the survey or valuation. If these problems had been discovered BEFORE the property was marketed, they could have been factored into the negotiations/sale price – problem solved. Not only that, but any negotiating advantage a prospective purchaser may have gained from an adverse survey/valuation would evaporate.

It has been shown that, if any potential problems with a property are discovered before it is marketed, the likelihood of any subsequent sale falling through is considerably reduced.

  • A successful sale – As the house seller, you will be the first to get an in-depth survey report on the property. You can then proceed with the sale confident that there are no unknown problems in your property and that there are unlikely to be any hiccups. If the report does show problems, then, either you can get quotes and factor the costs into your asking price or make the necessary repairs before selling.
  • Improve your negotiating position – Use the in-depth information to establish the asking price for your house. Backed-up by the survey report you will be in a good negotiating position to get the price you want.
  • Sell your property faster – The avoidance of unnecessary delays which are usually caused when problems are found after negotiations have begun will result in a much quicker and less stressful sale.
PLEASE NOTE: The information provided is for guidance only and should NOT be used as a substitute for essential professional assistance.