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Asbestos, in its many forms, has been extensively used for its heat/fire and insulating qualities and is not usually a problem, provided it is undamaged. However, if it is damaged or disturbed, then immediate treatment/disposal is usually essential. Learn more..


One of the most common disputes which neighbours have is over a boundary. Many homeowners will jealously defend every last inch of what they believe is their property, but it’s very important to get things in perspective. After all, an extra 6″ of land won’t usually affect the value! Learn more..


Is your back garden needed for a Motorway? Or does some company want to put up a mobile phone transmitter mast close to your house? If any kind of Government approved scheme is likely to affect your property IN ANY WAY, you’ll be entitled to compensation. But the issues are complex and it’s essential that your claim includes EVERYTHING. Learn more..


There has never been a specific legal remedy for that ‘Hedge from Hell’ – until now. No longer do you have to put up with the 20′ evergreen ‘Berlin Wall’ your neighbour has planted or inherited, now you can do something about it. Learn more..


The dividing wall that separates your property from your neighbour’s is a ‘party wall’ or shared, so you can’t just go ahead and knock it about if you’re planning some alterations. It’s important to know what you can do without telling your neighbours, but it’s vital to know what you CAN’T do without their permission. Learn more..


The law regarding Rights of Light has always been a bit of a grey area and a subject about which most people are in the dark! But it’s a serious matter because an infringement could significantly affect your property’s value and saleability. Learn more..


A crack has appeared in your house or the doors have started to stick – why? Is it subsidence or settlement? What should you do, if anything? The causes of structural movement often take time to establish clearly and it’s essential to come to the right conclusion so that the correct course of action is taken. Learn more..


You’ve discovered what you think might be Japanese Knotweed in your garden!! This fast growing, tough weed can grow a meter in a month and can cause heave below concrete and tarmac, coming up through the resulting cracks and damaging buildings and roads. Well, don’t panic because there are ways to deal with it. Learn more..